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Trade Commodities

Copper, Crude, Natural Gas and Agricultural Commodities

Trading commodities is extremely popular because of the choice they offer and their diversity in regards

to what affects their prices. Commodities are inherently linked to the development of organized society –

agriculture and mining are tightly intertwined with the history of the human race.


Commodity markets seem to be complex in the first view, but as a matter of fact gold, oil, silver and

platinum are amongst the most popularly traded financial assets in the world. Maybe this is related with

the fact that these markets are easy to analyze. Once you correctly understand the trend of a market,

more often than not, you will be able to correctly predict the future price movement of the assets.

Why commodities are a good market?

Relatively Straightforward - Commodity trading is particularly an understandable market

because there are only about forty viable markets to trade. This is in sharp contrast with Stock

Trading where potential traders have over ten thousand potential assets to choose among.

Affordable and simple - Trading commodities with our trading platform is easier than ever. Using

tools providing short term expiry time it is now possible to access the financial market with

investment amounts as low as $5. Our platform is concerned with the direction of the price

movement of the asset, and not the magnitude.

High Volatility - Volatility is a concern when it comes to trading commodities. However,

this particular characteristic also means that the commodity markets offer more lucrative

opportunities for traders.

Easy Analysis - Technical analysis is a great tool to study the price movement of assets in

commodity market. The logic of this method is that you can analyze the past to predict the


Factors that influence Commodities

Surplus - How supply and demand affects the commodity markets? Let's see the behavior of

oil as a financial asset. If the supply of oil increases but demand remains constant, the price of

oil per barrel decreases.

War and Conflicts - Wars and other conflict can cut off a country's access to the materials it

needs to function. They create uncertainty about the future availability of commodities and

risk associated with reduced supply can have a significant impact on prices and demand.

Natural Disasters - Weather conditions, the earthquake and tsunami have a significant impact

on the commodity markets, because most of the assets transacted are agricultural in nature.

Popular Commodities

Gold - Gold is one of the world's oldest traded commodities. It has a negative correlation with

the US dollar; although, this relationship has weakened over the past few years.

Oil (Brent Crude) - Oil (Brent Crude) is a trading classification of crude oil that serves as a major

benchmark price for purchases of oil worldwide. It is extracted from the North Sea and offers

excellent opportunities to profit in nearly all market conditions.

Silver - It's a little known fact that silver is generally extracted from copper, gold and zinc ore,

rather than mined in its own right. As a result the price of silver is largely determined by the

demand for these other metals.

L i v e   c o m m o d i t y   p r i c e s

Why trade commodities with KRONOSINVEST?

✔   No overnight cost for holding open position for commodities

✔   24 hours trading available

✔   Available on PC, Tablet & Smartphone

✔   Sophisticated risk management

✔   Increased transparency

✔   Continuous charting



Market and price

Spot Gold 1248.06/1248.46



Buy at 1,248.46


Trade size

1 standard contract

Equals US$100 per point


Margin required

Margin = Number of contracts x value of one contract x level of spot gold

(mid) x margin rate (0.7%)


What happens next?

1 x 1,248.26 x US$100 x 0.7% = US$873.78



Spot Gold rallies 10 points into the next day. This position is held through

10pm London time, when funding is calculated.



Funding = size x (tom-next rate + charge for holding positions overnight



which is no more than 0.0022% per day)


Gross profit

US$100 x 0.12 = US$12

1258.06 / 1258.46

Sell at 1,258.06



1,258.06 - 1,248.46 = 9.6

Value per point = US$100


Net profit

9.6 x US$100 = US$960


What if...

0.4 point KRONOSINVEST spread (included)

Funding cost = US$12


If the market dropped 10 points instead (with a spread of 0.4 points):

US$1,040 + US$12

Net loss = US$1,052


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